C-Mix Super tines with 600 kg pressure spring overload safety device

C-Mix-Super-Zinken mit 600 kg Druckfeder-Überlastsicherung (2) C-Mix_Super_Druckfederueberlastsicherung_HD_40mm_neutral_breit_d1_180927

Together with the overload safety device, the C-Mix Super tine provides the perfect operational performance even when top soil deep loosening. The release force of the pressure spring overload safety device of the C-Mix Super tine exceeds 600 kg and features a lift potential of 30 cm. If this large lifting space of 30 cm is not sufficient, the C-Mix Super tine offers additional safety via a shear bolt. In this way an efficient and constant operation is possible even under the most of arduous of conditions.

  1. 600 kg at the share tip
  2. 30 cm