Automatic and independent cleaning

Automatische und selbständige Reinigung (1)

The complete sprayer along with the induction bowl can be cleaned fully automatically. For this purpose, the UX Super with the Comfort-Pack plus is equipped with the following cleaning programmes: intensive clean, quick clean and boom rinsing. In addition, after every filling procedure, the induction bowl can rinse itself on its own.

"The press of a button starts the complete cleaning programme running where, not only are all the taps switched, but also the induction pipework and induction port are cleaned – very good!"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super" · 10/2017)

"No matter whether it’s the pre-programmed ‘fill profiles’ or the automatic cleaning regime including the induction bowl – these things are unparalleled"
("profi" - "Practice test Amazone UX 5201 Super" · 10/2017)