The PreTeC mulch sowing coulter – The precision coulter for any soil type

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Maximum flexibility with the highest work rates 
No matter whether it is used for conventional or mulch sowing, the PreTeC mulch sowing coulter is perfect for precision sowing. Benefit from the first-class, consistent seed placement accuracy and use it to increase yield. The Precea facilitates high work rates due to its high degree of accuracy, in particular at high forward speeds of up to 15 km/h.

The benefits: 

  • High operating comfort 
  • Minimisation of any downtime 
  • Time saving during regular maintenance

Even field emergence
The mulch sowing coulter (120 kg under its own weight) can be pressurised to a coulter pressure of up to 350 kg via a hydraulic cylinder. This ensures smooth running and even field emergence under the hardest of conditions. The complete mulch sowing coulter unit is guided consistently via the 2 large carrying rollers. Soil opening is performed by a double disc unit and a following furrow former. Once the seed has been embedded in the soil by the catcher roller, the V-Press rollers follow on to close up the furrow again.

Das PreTeC-­Mulchsaatschar (1) Precea12000-TCC_d0_kw_P3070880_d1_230301_im_Text_CMS
The PreTeC mulch sowing coulter facilitates maximum precision as well as maximum output.

1. FerTeC twin double disc coulter
2. Carrying rollers
3. Catcher roller
4. V-Press rollers

The percentage emergence was rated exclusively as "very good" by the DLG.

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