Optional metering cassettes

Optionale Dosierwalzen (1) Dosierwalzen_kombi_6er

1. 7,5 ccm: e.g. for poppy
2. 40 ccm: e.g. for flax, lucerne, oil radish, red clover
3. 120 ccm: e.g. for millet, maize, mustard, sunflowers
4. 350 ccm: e.g. for grass seed, wheat
5. 660 ccm: e.g. for beans, peas, fertiliser
6. 700 ccm: e.g. for beans, peas, soya, fertiliser - only for Primera DMC 6000-2C and 9000-2C with mechanical metering
7. 880 ccm: For high seed rates

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