Maximum reduction in the use of fertiliser and seed with individual row shut-off

Maximale Einsparung von Dünger und Saatgut mit der Einzelreihenschaltung (1) Cirrus9004_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_20230823134417_0644_d1_231027_CMS

The individual row shut-off of the Cirrus Grand offers the perfect solution to prevent over-sowing in headlands and wedge-shaped fields. Each row can be separately switched on or off. The rotational speed of the metering units is automatically adjusted to the number of open flaps. Extremely vigorous crops develop as a result of the spot-accurate shut-off, especially in the overlap zones, since no areas are double sown. Overlaps are restricted to less than 1 % of the area with this system.

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