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Exact harrow for the RoTeC pro and the TwinTeC coulters

The Exact harrow tine has a thickness of 10 mm, is low-wearing and provides excellent seed coverage. The Exact harrow serves for both coverage of the open seed furrows and for levelling. It operates without blockage, even where there are large amounts of surface straw. Individual, swivel-mounted harrow elements allow it to adapt to uneven ground and achieve even seed coverage.

Exact S following harrow
With its 12 mm tine diameter, the Exact S following harrow offers even more wear area and is therefore resistant to the most arduous of operational conditions.

The harrow pressure is adjusted mechanically by pre-tensioning the harrow springs. During hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a minimum and maximum value is predefined by inserting pins. So the harrow pressure and the coulter pressure can be simultaneously matched to changing soils via just one tractor spool valve whilst on the move.

Roller harrow for the RoTeC pro coulter

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The Roller harrow additionally consolidates the soil above the seed furrow resulting in optimum germination conditions. This is especially recommended for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. An undulating surface profile that reduces erosion is the result. The roller harrow, adjustable separately from the coulter pressure, can follow the ground contours over a range of ± 100 mm.

Coulter harrow on the TwinTeC coulter

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The TwinTeC coulter can be equipped with a rear-mounted harrow as an option. The coulter harrow provides additional loose soil on top of the seed furrow.

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