Flexibly combined – with 3-section pressurised tank for seed and fertiliser or a combination of seed types

Citan-C (1) Citan12001-C_d0_kw_6648_Saatfluss_d1_200917

Flexibly combined
The Citan offers the option of placing fertiliser or a second seed type as a companion plant/undersown crop in the seed furrow together with the seed. The hopper is divided into 3 sections and can be flexibly combined. If division of the tank is not required, it can be completely filled with just one seed type.

The options:

Citan-C (2) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_01_Nur_Saat_d1_200421
Seed only
Citan-C (3) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_02_SingleShoot_Duenger_d1_200421
Single-shoot: sowing seed along with fertiliser at one placement depth

Citan-C (4) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_03_SingleShoot_Saat-Untersaat_d1_200421
Single-shoot: sowing two seed types at one placement depth
Citan-C (5) Aussaatmethoden_Cirrus_12_SingeShoot_Saat-Untersaat_Duenger
Single-shoot: sowing two seed types with fertiliser at one placement depth

Advantages of single-shoot:

  • Direct placement of fertiliser near the grain for good starter fertilisation or the easy availability of immobile nutrients
  • Companion crops for plant and yield protection

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