SBS – Soft Ballistic System

SBS – Soft Ballistic System

The concept: Gentle fertiliser treatment means more precision

Gentle guidance
The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System utilises the agitators which are shaped in such a way that the fertiliser is taken from across the whole width of the hopper. This prevents the formation of a fertiliser funnel in the centre of the hopper.

Sanfte Führung

Gentle delivery:
The delivery of the fertiliser directly onto the centre of the spreading disc is especially advantageous because of the low peripheral speed of the spreading discs in this sector.

Sanfte Aufgabe

Gentle acceleration
The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System gently accelerates the fertiliser via the spreading discs rotating at 720 rpm. making sure that even very fragile fertilisers keep their spreading properties.

Sanfter Schwung
  1. 720 rpm

Gentle ejection:
With the aid of the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System, the fertiliser is only provided with the energy required for the optimum trajectory and a precise spread pattern.

Sanfter Abwurf
  1. “Trailing” spreading vane setting 2) Direction of rotation

Safety as standard
Mineral fertilisers require particularly gentle treatment to ensure precise distribution and transport out to the crop over the total working width. Fertiliser which has been already damaged by the spreader can no longer be spread evenly. The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System is already integrated as standard in the ZA-M mounted spreaders as a safety "package". The agitator, shutter slides and spreading discs are all optimally matched. This protects the fertiliser and ensures that yields are maintained.

Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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