DirectDrive gearbox – High-performance drive – no power redirection, direct transmission of power

DirectDrive (1) KE02_DirectDrive.209_d1_210618

Higher tractor horsepower categories

At the heart of the new KE 02 is the DirectDrive gearbox, via which the higher power input is transmitted directly to the spur gears driving the rotary harrow tines. As in the case of the KX and KG rotary cultivators, there is no power redirection, thereby ensuring excellent low-wear power transmission. The main gearboxes are mounted on both wings of the folding KE 02-2. The rotary harrow can be used at PTO shaft input speeds of 540/750/1000. Exchange gear sets for other rotor speeds are possible. Higher speeds improve the crumbling performance.

  1. Compact spur gear trough with a robust construction
    Spur gears with reduced diameter, slim design, robust 45 mm shaft diameter, 6 mm trough wall thickness and a double-skinned trough bottom
  2. Tine carrier forged from one piece
  3. Quick+Safe system: Quick change tine system with integrated stone release
  4. Trailing KE tines, 290 mm long

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