SpeedBlade Maximum speed – Minimum wear


The new innovative plough bodies

The new SpeedBlade plough bodies with their patented extra-large front shin on the mouldboard and the ©plus hardening process ensure significantly less wear at high forward speeds. As ploughing speeds increase, the wear point shifts further to the rear. Wear on conventional plough bodies begins directly on the wing at higher speeds as a result of the small front shin of the mouldboard. Only the front shin of the mouldboard has to be replaced thanks to the patented enlarged front shin of the mouldboard. This avoids the troublesome and expensive replacement of the entire wing. 

  1. AMAZONE front shin of mouldboard
  2. Competitor 1
  3. Competitor 2
  4. Wear zones at approx. 5, 8 and 10 km/h
  5. The point covers the wing:
    – The joint is therefore protected by the point
    – Plant residues, baler twine, wire and root residues cannot get entangled
  6. Soil flow

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