Review of IT-Farming from Amazone

IT-Farming von Amazone im Überblick

Amazone summarises her activities around electronics under the key word IT-farming. The centre is the Amapad ISOBUS terminal as the universal operator terminal to optimise the operation, rate control, monitoring and documentation for Amazone seed drills, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders. Due to defined and disclosed interfaces the terminal is at the same time in the centre of a network for the data transfer with various other IT farming technologies.  

In this way the connection with sensors, such as N-sensor-systems for part area specific fertilisation or crop protection agent application, but also with the documentation and evaluation systems on the yard PC are comfortably and safely possible. The decision which system is the best for the individual demands and desires is flexible and allows for manufacturer overlapping.  

As the electronic of the practice makes available a vast number of sensible, new technologies it develops into a more and more important component of the intelligent crop production. Apart from the control- and regulation facilities of the machines data management should be especially mentioned. So, for example, the registration of field specific parameters (such as soil- and yield values) and work data and their documentation and evaluation allows for more and more automation. Intelligent sensoric-, control and regulation technologies allow the considerable saving of assets and help for a better exploitation of yield potentials and at the same time save the environment.  

The diagram  above of the different applications in the range of IT farming can be downloaded here as a pdf document (description of the elements in German language).