All environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations are reviewed for compliance by an external consultant together with the waste and environmental officer in an annual "system audit". A database of all legal regulations is regularly updated and compared with the operational conditions for applicability. Deviations are systematically recorded, evaluated and immediately corrected, if necessary.

Participation in the ISO 9001 and 50001 management systems means that these procedures are examined and validated by the external accredited assessor once again.

AMAZONE is fully committed to its role as an environmentally conscious company:
We also produce and sell our products in an ecologically responsible manner.

Over the years, we have saved more and more resources by optimising the use of materials, reduced the variety of materials, and cut primary and secondary energy consumption. The modular product range development and new parts production methods are evidence of the increased environmental awareness at AMAZONE.

Our environmental management ensures that our sites have as little impact as possible on people and the environment.