Quality and energy policy

Reliable and flawless products are the trademark of our entire company. We strive continuously to improve our processes, our products, our advice and our services to contribute to our customers’ success with innovative, sustainable solutions.  

Only by acting in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible manner can we survive in the long term. We are therefore committed to the sustainable and resource-saving use of energy, we use energy sparingly and increase our energy-related performance in a continuous improvement process.  

To implement these goals, we have introduced an integrated management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001and DIN EN ISO 50001. It is regularly checked, evaluated and continuously improved by us.  

We commit ourselves to complying with all applicable requirements regarding the quality of our products and services.  We furthermore commit ourselves to complying with all requirements, laws and regulations regarding energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency. When procuring products and services, we take care to choose high-quality and energy-efficient solutions.  

To ensure the success of our quality and energy policy, we have strengthened it by introducing binding targets.  

The integrated management system also has full support and encouragement from the executive.  

All information required for the operation of the management system as well as human and material resources is thus provided.