Conscientious fertiliser spreading

The individual spreading properties of a fertiliser have a great impact on the lateral distribution and spread rates. AMAZONE determines the setting data for the various fertiliser spreaders in the AMAZONE spreading hall for commercially available fertiliser types and includes it in the setting charts. This data is stored in the AMAZONE fertiliser database and can be accessed via the Internet.  

The “AMAZONE FertiliserService” is available for fertiliser whose origin is unknown and whose properties are undetermined. The “AMAZONE FertiliserService" determines the individual spreading properties of your fertiliser on the basis of a 3 kg fertiliser sample and provides you with setting recommendations for the working width(s) you require.  

The “Mobile test kit" is another option. This enables you to re-check the lateral distribution directly in the field. You will find more information on the subject of “Conscientious fertiliser spreading” in an Info sheet for Download.