Professional farming and thus agricultural machinery demands are faced with major challenges today. On the one hand, agriculture needs to produce high-quality food to feed the growing world population. On the other hand, the amount of arable land on which food can be produced is being reduced. This is exacerbated by climate change with extreme weather conditions.

Conservation of valuable resources and a sustainable reduction in the amount of inputs

In addition to saving resources, it goes without saying that the optimum use of inputs is of enormous importance. At the same time, increasing biodiversity must be an important goal, in order to offer good, long-term prospects for the generations to come.

Greater precision for higher yields, better sustainability and improved cost efficiency

The core objective, for agriculture and for AMAZONE, is to create a high level of yield per hectare of land using sustainable methods. It is therefore important to improve the efficiency of the production processes, especially by means of digitalisation and automation, and to treat each plant as precisely as possible. In which case, the level of precision found in seeding, fertilising and crop protection equipment must continue to increase, so that applications are increasingly carried out on a part-area basis and with the emphasis being placed more and more on each individual plant in the future.

AMAZONE wishes to make a decisive contribution to global food security with innovative solutions that provide our farmers and contractors with ideas which help them to secure their future on a sustainable basis.

As the specialist for “Intelligent Crop Production”, we are eagerly anticipating Agritechnica and cordially invite you to join us on our stand in Hall 9. We look forward to seeing you! GO for Innovation

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