Seven-year manufacturer guarantee against rust perforation for AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders

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The best of both worlds – Cathodic dip painting process combined with powder coating

The new painting technique, in combination with a large proportion of stainless steel components ensures an increased level of operational reliability and a long service life
Paintwork on a fertiliser spreader is exposed to heavy wear and tear. The paintwork is intended to protect the implement from corrosion, especially when handling fertiliser and where moisture is involved. AMAZONE has been using a new premium painting process for the ZA-V and ZA-TS mounted fertiliser spreaders and the ZG-TS bulk fertiliser spreader since the 2022 model year. This involves a cathodic dip painting process (known as KTL) for priming to give the best possible protection even on the internal surfaces of tubes. Then, a powder coating provides an extra-thick coat of paint for increased protection against mechanical knocks and bangs as well as giving the fertiliser spreader a high-quality visual appearance. 

No worries - Manufacturer guarantee against rusting through

The KTL dip-paint priming of all components ensures virtually full-area corrosion protection. Degradation of the paint finish by rust is thus prevented as effectively as possible.

AMAZONE now offers a special guarantee for these models in the form of a seven-year manufacturer guarantee against rusting through. The guarantee can be easily applied for free of charge in the myAMAZONE digital customer portal at under the terms and conditions stated there.

Multi-layer painting

The premium painting is carried out in four main steps. The particular characteristic of this multi-layer painting process is the combination of cathodic dip painting and powder coating. In the first step, the carrier material is prepared for painting in 14 processing stages. This includes e.g. multiple etching and degreasing operations. The fertiliser spreaders are then subjected to zinc phosphating in the next step, in order to prevent the formation of rust as effectively as possible. The third stage includes the thick-layer KTL cathodic dip-paint process. Then, finally, the fertiliser spreaders receive their powder coating. The application of a particularly thick powder coating gives the spreader even better protection against those mechanical demands, and it is provided with double corrosion protection as a result of the stove-baking process.


Corrosion protection is consistently the main objective. All the components on the spreading unit and all hydraulic fittings are made from high-quality stainless steel

The standards set for the painting enable AMAZONE to provide a seven-year manufacturer guarantee against rusting through.