SCHMOTZER Venterra 2K hoe

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For high performance and high work rates as well as flexible working times

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The Venterra 2K hoes combine an unrivalled passage with a maximised lift height of the parallelograms of almost 50 cm, which opens up new possibilities for mechanical weed control, even in very late crop growth stages. As a result, damage-free hoeing right to the end is possible for crops with a height of half a metre, even when driving onto the headland, thanks to the interaction with Section Control.

Schmotzer-Hacktechnik Venterra (5) Venterra_2K-Serie_Einleger_5_Entwurf_Seite_2_Bild_0004_d1_210930
The hydraulic individual parallelogram lifting system enables damage-free hoeing right to the end of the row as well as the largest clearance available on the market.

The new design of the parallelograms and the attachment frame enables operation at maximum demand on large acreages as well as a very high working speeds. In combination with the continuing excellent quality of work, the Venterra 2K therefore sets new standards in the hoeing sector.

The Venterra 2K will be available in different versions for the 2022 season. Working widths of 4.5 to 6.75 m can be offered with row widths of 45, 50 and 75 cm in combination with the KPP-L parallelogram and Section Control, or KPP-M with or without Section Control.

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The camera and shift frame provide fully automatic control of the hoe at the rear, thereby relieving the stress on the driver.
The Venterra 2K is guided in the row by a camera system, which guarantees precise guidance at all times, even at very high working speeds. This also underlines that the Venterra 2K is biased towards achieving even higher work rates.

Row protection elements and tools such as finger hoes on separately guided parallelograms, ridging discs or rear harrows are optionally available for all Venterra 2Ks and can be retrofitted at any time.

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The compact design of the Venterra reduces the requisite front ballasting of the tractor. The distance between the rear parallelograms and the lower links has been further reduced.
The compact and lightweight design means that there are no losses in yield due to any detrimental soil compaction. Precise working across slopes without tractor offset is easy thanks to the SCHMOTZER parallel shift frame. The work involved in changing the share plates is reduced to a few minutes as a result of the RAPIDO quick-change system. Trailing implements such as finger hoes or ridging discs are mounted on a separate parallelogram with separate depth control and enable direct contour following in all conditions. All hoes are integrated on every parallelogram option with maintenance-free bearings as standard.

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Full compatibility with additional front mounted implements, such as the AMAZONE FT-P 1502 front tank as a band sprayer, is built in.

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For high performance and high work rates as well as flexible working times