Sep 12, 2023

DirectInject for the Pantera self-propelled crop protection sprayer

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Needs-based metered addition of products at the touch of a button

The Pantera 4504 and 7004 are now available with the DirectInject direct feed system, in order to supply individual products flexibly, quickly and matched to requirements.

DirectInject on the Pantera 4504 between the cab and spray agent tank

In times of growing challenges for plant protection with respect to a reduction in the use of pesticides and increasing application requirements combined with time and cost pressure within the farm, DirectInject offers an excellent way of simplifying current and future demands.

An additional product can be added to the spray agent circuit during application at the touch of a button. The highlight of DirectInject is the short reaction distance from the activation to the application of the additional product of only approx. 30 – 50 m. The respective mixture is conveyed to the nozzle bodies through 2 separate spray lines for the spray agent and the spray agent + DirectInject component via several injection points in the boom. In this respect, the two spray lines are alternately switched via valves, with the result that only one line is actively conveying spray agent at any time. 

Fully integrated operation of the direct feed system via the ISOBUS terminal
Injection points of the 2 spray lines into the liquid circuit

This short reaction distance is indispensable, especially for the flexible treatment of weed patches. Furthermore, the system facilitates flexible plant protection measures in many everyday situations, e.g. the separate treatment around field boundaries, the metered addition of products on individual fields with special requirements as well as the variable application rate of a product, irrespective of the application rate of the main mixture. 

Effective cleaning can be carried out from the cab without any problems thanks to the complete integration of the system into the liquid circuit and machine operation.

In particular, the self-propelled sprayer, which is often used by large-scale farms as well as contractors owing to its high ground clearance and the hydraulic track width adjustment, gains an enormous additional increase in flexibility and efficiency with DirectInject.


  • Flexible, fast and needs-based use of plant protection agents.
  • Saving of: 
    • Working hours and labour costs
    • Machine costs
    • Plant protection agents
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Self-propelled sprayer and direct feed system as a perfect combination for maximum efficiency and flexibility