Where can I find image material for my publications?

Our image database contains the released image material for our products and many things more - which you are free to use.

Subject to the conditions below, AMAZONEN-WERKE grants you usage rights for the media in our image database, including publications and commercial use: 

  • The media data is free of charge - i.e. available without special login - in the image database or the data may be transferred by AMAZONE to you in another way (e.g. by email).
  • The image data should not be used in a negative context regarding the topics groundcare, agriculture, plant production and particularly AMAZONEN-WERKE.
  • The media data may not be used in connection with the topics politics, religion or for erotic material.
  • The media files may not be used for advertising by our suppliers without a discussion with us.

Exceptions from the above conditions require special permission.