30 years ago: Amazone sowing combination captures the market in new federal states


The rotary cultivator sowing combination had a huge impact 30 years ago. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, almost a thousand spectators from the former GDR marvelled at the deployment of the modern till and drill combination at an agricultural cooperative in the Wittenberg district of Zahna. A newspaper article reported on our machine demonstration: "AMAZONE conquers Zahna".

Since the fields in the former GDR were so much larger than those in the western federal states, the 6-metre combination not only provided an ideal quality of work, but also a suitable work rate. 

Artur Möbius, ehemaliger Amazone Werksbeauftragter

This demonstration was organised by Artur Möbius, who later became Amazone factory representative for the Saxony region. When he visited his brother in the district of Osnabrück immediately after reunification, he also happened to come into contact with AMAZONEN-WERKEN and a series of joint ventures were planned shortly afterwards. Sometime later, he was officially employed in our company. Until his retirement, Mr. Möbius played a major role in the distribution of Amazone machinery throughout the new federal states.