Trainees create flower strips

Environment and nature conservation

Agriculture has no prospects without an intact environment. At AMAZONE, we attach great importance to the topic of environment and nature conservation – not because it is the latest trend, but because it is closely related to the success of our industry. Modern agriculture cannot be practised where nature is destroyed.

We aim to make our trainees aware of this by means of the “flower strips” project. Here they plan and design the appropriate planting of unused areas on our factory premises. They systematically create an additional habitat for insects and small animals with the flower strips which they plant. These flower strips are also important food sources, breeding areas and refuges for many other species. Planting and maintaining flower strips is a rewarding activity for anyone who wants to promote the environment and nature. We wish to raise the awareness of young people and get them involved in nature conservation.

The trainees in Hude implement environmental and nature conservation measures on site with great enthusiasm and thereby promote local biodiversity. In addition, flower strips visually enrich the landscape.