Traditional New Year's reception in France

A royal start to 2024

Frédéric Descamps (far left) and Ludger Braunsmann (far right) with jubilee revellers.

On Monday, 15 January, the staff of our AMAZONE subsidiary gathered in Forbach, France for the management's New Year greetings. This annual event also presents an opportunity to enjoy the traditional "Galette des Rois". This puff pastry tart with marzipan filling is traditionally eaten on 6 January 2024 on the feast day of the Three Wise Men. A small bean is hidden in the cake and whoever finds this bean in their piece by the end of the event is crowned king or queen of the day. During this year's event, nine employees were honoured for their many years of service to AMAZONE. 


The following were also present: Myriam Kessler, Karine Koehler and Yves Kolp (20 years of service), Jean-Claude Duchscher and Hervé Rose (30 years of service), Patrice Hein (not pictured) and Serge Mansutti (35 years of service), Serge Kessler and Michel Petri (40 years of service). Frédéric Descamps (Managing Director AMAZONE Forbach) and Ludger Braunsmann (Managing Director for Finance, Controlling, Purchasing, Human Resources) congratulated those celebrating the jubilee.