The "Kompleks Agro" dealership in Siberia

Dimitrij Beljaew is an important AMAZONE dealer. His company “Kompleks Agro” is located in the Altaj region of Russian Siberia, about 3,000 km south-east of Moscow. The Altaj region covers 6.6 million hectares and is also called the "Granary of Siberia".

Mr Dimitrij Beljaew

Mr Belyaev has been selling AMAZONE machinery there for 14 years and also supports us in the further development of our technology. For example, he has been involved in increasing the working width of the EDX 9000 to create the EDX 12000. This project was so successful that the EDX 12000 has sold in large numbers throughout Russia already.

Furthermore, he has modified our precision air seeders in such a way that the large seeds of sunflowers, which grow in great abundance in this region, can also be sown with our equipment.

Kompleks Agro Buero 2_d2_210409
Kompleks Agro office building

At the suggestion of Mr Belyaev and with the help of our factory representative Mr Tur, we also developed the FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart in combination with our seed drills. This has been manufactured at our plant in Samara for two years. Kompleks Agro has supported the introduction of our direct seeders in the Altaj region over the past few years with great success.

We are indebted to Mr Dimitrij Beljaew and wish him every success in the future and a good partnership with AMAZONEN-WERKE.