The current position in the AMAZONE Group


At present, many companies in Germany and Europe are operating in a very challenging environment, with a significant slump already looming in various sectors. 

Fortunately, we are continuing to see a strong demand for agricultural machinery, both at home and abroad. We have received a very high volume of orders in the AMAZONE Group for more than a year now, some of which extend well into 2023. The situation with our suppliers is still acute, but AMAZONE stands on very solid foundations thanks to longstanding supplier relationships and its high level of in-house manufacturing. As a result, shorter delivery times are possible, depending on the product. 

The exploding prices for electricity and gas and threat of shortages are also hitting us hard, of course. The effects can only be roughly estimated at the moment, because, as we all know, the situation is developing very dynamically. However, we generally keep the energy costs for our products as low as possible and have been able to improve the energy efficiency of our production facilities year on year. We achieve this through certified energy management in all areas of the company. We are also producing an ever-increasing proportion of our electricity requirements with high-performance photovoltaic systems. Together with the use of the company’s in-house combined heat and power plants, it has been possible to save considerable amounts of energy and reduce the CO² emissions by about 7 million tonnes within the last eight years at the German sites alone. 

Customer interest in modern AMAZONE technology is high. Agricultural machinery, with its high productivity and input cost saving, is increasingly in demand in many regions of the world. The AMAZONE Group will benefit from its strong international position as a result of its innovative product range, even in the event of fluctuating development in individual markets. Our new products, such as the high-performance ploughs and the SCHMOTZER hoes should also be spotlighted here. 

We currently expect sales to grow in the 2022 financial year and are optimistic about 2023, where we can assume that the business development will be stable at least.

We wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2023.

The AMAZONEN-WERKE Management team