The best out of a thousand (machines)

The award presentation ceremony (from left to right): Alexej Kalaschnikov (Product Manager at AMAZONE OOO), Vadim Pronin (President of the Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery), Alexey Sazonov (Factory Sales Representative at EUROTECHNIKA), Viktor Egorov (Head of Product Management at AMAZONE OOO)

It’s the best out of more than a thousand machines that competed for the award: Our Amazone Citan 12001-C seed drill. Last year, the Citan was voted ‘Best Piece of Agricultural Machinery of the Year’ at ‘Golden Autumn’ in Moscow, the most important agricultural machinery exhibition in Russia. The award was presented by Russia’s Association of Test Engineers of Agricultural Machinery (AIST).

‘Golden Autumn’ takes place every year in October on the ‘Krokus’ trade showground on the outskirts of Moscow and attracts thousands of trade visitors. Amazone naturally attends every year as an exhibitor with a stand.

Our Amazone Citan 12001-C seed drill, is equipped with the “RoTeC pro” single disc coulter and is characterised by particularly


even, precise seed placement and very high outputs. It has proven itself in use for years. The Citan is built in our plant in Samara, about 1,000 km south east of Moscow. We are proud to have received this award and we are expecting a strong demand, because the Citan will further strengthen our good reputation in Russia.