The AMAZONE sales and service subsidiary in Hungary is 15 years old

The success story of the AMAZONE sales and service subsidiary in Debrecen, Hungary, began in 2008. To begin with, AMAZONE machinery was sold through a dealer. However, when the latter had to file for bankruptcy, AMAZONE had no other option than to found a subsidiary company itself to distribute the product range - this was the birth of AMAZONEN-WERKE Kft.

Managing Director Tamas Kovacs

4 employees started work in a small office. The business flourished and over the years the office became a large building, in which 25 people are employed today. Machine sales, service and the company's in-house spare parts warehouse have generated sales of between 8 and 10 million euros in the last few years. The local staff are always in direct contact with the customers and partners to assist with the daily challenges from machine selection to installation or even with technical problems and spare parts supply.

AMAZONE has very strong sales in Hungary, especially in the areas of crop protection and fertiliser spreaders, whereby the Precea precision air seeder is forging ahead and gradually gaining more and more market share. A government subsidy on machinery for precision agriculture for the years 2022 and 2023 enabled AMAZONE Kft. to achieve a significant increase in sales in 2022. An even better financial year is expected for this year.

The company is currently working hard to increase its market share in the area of soil tillage. The marketing of the Tyrok semi-mounted reversible plough, the Ceus tine & disc combination cultivator and the Cobra trailed shallow cultivator will be intensified. In the plough sector, the focus will be on the products produced in the AMAZONE factory in Mosonmagyaróvár (the Teres and Cayros mounted reversible ploughs and the Tyrok semi-mounted reversible plough). For this purpose, along with the other activities, several field days with the machines in work are planned for 2023 and 2024.

AMAZONE Kft. has sold more than 5,000 machines in the past 15 years. A result to be proud of for the wholly-owned AMAZONE subsidiary, which will certainly continue to hold its own in the market for many more years, thanks to its qualified employees.

AMAZONE-WERKE Kft. Office building and spare parts warehouse in Debrecen