Successful cooperation with our subsidiary in Samara in Russia


Our EDX precision air seeder has had a proven track record in Russia for many years, but for much of the time it was only available with a maximum working width of 9 metres. Our dealer Dimitrij Beljaew (“Kompleks Agro”) in the Altaj region had the idea of extending the EDX to 12 metres, and this idea was then put into practice together with our design engineers in Samara within a short space of time.

In the meantime, large quantities of components for the EDX are shipped from Hude to Samara, where they are assembled into complete 12 metre machines and delivered to customers. We are also now able to supply a larger number of precision air seeders, thanks to a short development and testing period and optimum cooperation between our teams in Samara and Hude. The EDX is perfect for use on large farms. It permits high driving speeds with good seed placement accuracy on uneven fields. In addition, it has a central hopper for the fertiliser and two central hoppers for the seed. This not only makes filling very easy but also allows the seed to be changed quickly without any major cleaning effort.