Styria swears by AMAZONE

Gady has been our partner in Austria for more than 20 years

The Gady company, which supplies the agricultural sector in Styria and parts of Burgenland with cutting-edge technology, is one of the biggest and most important agricultural machinery dealers in Austria. Founded by Franz Gady in 1936, the company is nowadays in the hands of the third generation and managed by the owner Philipp Gady and Eugen Roth.

The company has 17 different branches with almost 400 employees, including around 50 trainees. Agricultural machinery from Steyr, Massey Ferguson and AMAZONE are distributed in the main.

At the “Gady Markt“ in front of the AMAZONE Catros compact disc harrows (from left): Sales manager Martin Grössbauer, Helmut Sebald (AMAZONE sales manager for South Germany/Austria), owner Phillip Gady with son Valentin and Ingrid Gady, Edmund Pernhofer (AMAZONE representative) and the managing director Eugen Roth

Gady has held an agricultural machinery exhibition twice a year since 1966. This has developed into a popular festival with the name “Gady Markt”. These big events always take place at the headquarters of the Gady company in Lebring near Graz, the state capital of Styria. Apart from agricultural machinery and tractors, cars are also showcased there in the meantime. In combination with further stalls based on the theme of mobility, hundreds of vintage tractors as well as regional and culinary specialities and drinks, this major event has an appeal which extends well beyond the borders of Styria and attracts up to 20,000 visitors twice a year.

Here, a company with a long tradition encounters another company with a long tradition, because Gady has successfully distributed AMAZONE machines in Austria for more than 20 years.