Straw cutters from AMAZONE

“Ritzratz No. 1” straw cutter with blade folded back, 1912
In the early years of our company's existence, when it was still called Heinrich Dreyer Landmaschinenfabrik, straw cutters were produced in addition to butter churns to round off the product range. After the bundles of straw had been threshed, they were cut into various pieces by hand. Cut into different lengths, the straw was used for bedding and also for feed, especially in times of need. The “Ritzratz” straw cutter was produced in large quantities for several years.

“Strohfix” with retracted guard, 1925

The “Strohfix” straw cutter, which was motor-driven via a pulley, was developed in 1925 under the name Amazonenwerk. This machine was more expensive and intended for larger farms. However, only a few “Strohfix” were produced. Heinrich Dreyer was already concentrating more on the "Federkraft” potato sorter at that time.