Robots in use in Leipzig

Hamidullah Ahmadzaye prepares the welding robot fixture

Streamlining is essential for life (and survival)

The year 2022 began at the Leipzig plant with the commissioning of two new production lines. In addition to optimising productivity, the focus during the project planning was primarily on improving the ergonomics of the workplace.

The new robot welding system arrived in the week between Christmas and New Year. Amongst other things, the system is used for producing Catros disc arms. The special feature is that two robots weld components simultaneously inside the system. Apart from the robot system, investments were made in the extraction technology and lifting equipment, in order to improve the entire production process for the employees. 

Daniel Kiss standing in front of the new lathe

A new vertical lathe was purchased for metal cutting. This is used for the production of central components of the Catros disc bearing. The machine fleet was expanded, so that the in-house production capacities could be increased by 30 %. As part of the project, the structure of the existing island production was adapted, whereby routes and 
material flows were optimised.