Jan 14, 2022

Stay on the safe side with the AMAZONE Safety Kit

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Certified, durable and always close to hand: personal protective equipment for handling plant protection agents in a handy Safety Kit case from AMAZONE. 

Whether it’s mixing spray agents, monitoring application results in the field or cleaning off the spray boom – plant protection measures come with a risk to health for the operator. Skin, eyes, airways and mucous membranes can be damaged by direct contact with active ingredients or by the breathing in vapours and gases. With the new Safety Kit, AMAZONE offers essential protection to prevent these health risks. The safe, comfortable operation of AMAZONE machinery, and a high degree of safety when working with plant protection agents are of high importance to AMAZONE.

The personal protective equipment kit consists of protective gloves, a sleeved apron, safety glasses and a respirator with an active filter, as well as an eye rinsing bottle and disinfectant. All items in the Safety Kit are DIN or EN certified, and can be safely stored in the accompanying Safety Kit case.

The certified sleeved apron with fastening at the back is particularly useful as the durable, robust item is quick to put on and take off. When worn with long-sleeved work clothing, it protects the majority of the upper body, arms and legs.

The AMAZONE Safety Kit is available in sizes M and XL for a price of 195.00 EUR plus VAT. The kit can not only be conveniently ordered with a new AMAZONE crop protection sprayer, but can also be purchased separately from the local dealer. 

The AMAZONE Safety Kit provides protection when handling plant protection agents.