May 15, 2023

Ready for something big? INNOVATION: AMAZONE Precea-TCC trailed precision air seeder

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AMAZONE is expanding its range of precision seeders with the new trailed models, Precea 9000-TCC and 12000-TCC, in working widths of 9 and 12 m respectively. This variant, which has been developed specially for large-scale farms and contractors, stands out with its high-performance overpressure singling, large tank capacities and innovative Central Seed Supply seed delivery system. The high-precision seed placement ensures optimum field emergence, even at increased working speeds of up to 15 km/h.

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Central hopper concept ‒ row-by-row singling 
For exceptionally high work rates and reduced fill times, the new Precea-TCC models feature a central seed hopper with a capacity of 2,000 l for up to two big bags. The new Central Seed Supply seed delivery system carries the seed from the central hopper to the singling units via an air stream. There, the seed for each row is temporarily stored in a small reception unit. Once this reception unit reaches the maximum fill level, the air stream is automatically cut off by the stored seed, shutting off any further supply. When the fill level decreases again, the air stream restarts automatically and conveys new seed from the main hopper to the individual rows. Thanks to the intelligent air stream system of the Central Seed Supply, every singling unit is independently supplied with seed, without the need for complex sensor systems or electronic controls.

Precise singling across all rows 
For seed singling, AMAZONE uses its high-precision PreTeC singling units, which function based on the overpressure principle. This means the seed is pressed against the singling disc by air pressure. The seal rotates along with the singling disc, which considerably reduces the power consumption of the electric drives for the individual rows. The remotely controlled, automatic SmartControl stripper finger adjustment is coupled with the optical sensors and effectively prevents any misses or doubles. Meanwhile, the electrically-driven singling disc turns in relation to the forward speed and desired seed rate; conveying the seed towards the propulsion channel. At this point, the contact pressure is broken, and the seed is shot precisely into the seed furrow, caught by the catcher roller, and securely embedded.

The furrow formers ensure the precise seed placement. Two carrying rollers and the high, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure ensure uniform depth control. For even greater convenience, AMAZONE offers SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation. This ensures that the set contact force remains constant for a consistently uniform seed placement, especially in variable soil conditions.

The ElectricDrive electric metering drive allows the desired seed rate to be conveniently set via the ISOBUS terminal and serves as the basis for precise, part-area, site-specific rate control using GPS and field zone maps. In addition, the GPS SectionControl actively saves seed row-by-row in wedge-shaped fields and on headlands, especially at these larger working widths, and provides optimal conditions for mechanical weed control with a hoe.

CurveControl ‒ Optimised seed placement when driving round bends 
The electric drive for the individual rows also make it possible to maintain evenly spaced placement across the entire working width. A yaw sensor is used to calculate the difference between the forward speed on the inside and outside of the bend. The innovative CurveControl then adjusts the speed of the each singling disc accordingly, ensuring that the seed spacing remains uniform, even around bends. The even spacing allows the plants to be adequately supplied with nutrients. This results in homogeneous crops and ensures even ripening.

Twin-chamber hopper for fertiliser 
For the simultaneous application of fertiliser, the Precea-TCC is equipped with an easily accessible twin-chamber hopper with a total filling volume of 6,000 l. Each hopper has its own electric metering unit that is connected to a distributor head, meaning that half-side shut-off is available as standard. Fertiliser is placed via the FerTeC twin HD fertiliser coulter. The relationship between the placement depth of the fertiliser and the sowing depth is set only once. If the sowing depth is subsequently changed, the fertiliser automatically adjusts the fertiliser placement depth accordingly.

Telescopic running gear 
The Precea-TCC is offered with 12 or 16 rows for row widths of 70, 75 and 80 cm. A telescopic axle is available for the running gear of the Precea. During field operation, this allows the position of over-sized tyres to be adjusted so that the wheels run between the seed rows, preventing compaction directly beneath the seed rows. With the wheels fully retracted, the Precea-TCC can be conveniently transported by road with a total width of 3 m.

In the medium term, the programme will be rounded off with new models for those closer spaced row crops, such as beet, rape or soya beans, with row widths of 45 and 50 cm in 18 or 24 rows.