Jun 13, 2022

Ready for anything with the AMAZONE AidPack

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Original wearing parts and spare parts, compactly stored in one case  

With the new AidPacks, AMAZONE is now offering the essential wearing and spare parts for AMAZONE crop protection sprayers in a handy plastic case. The parts kits are available in three variants depending on the valve chest and nozzle control system.

For AMAZONE crop protection sprayers with electrically-controlled TG part-width section valves, AmaSwitch 3-fold individual nozzle control or AmaSelect 4-fold individual nozzle control, each of the kits contains the relevant parts, such as nozzle bodies, diaphragms and O-ring seals. The sturdy plastic cases protect all the parts inside against damage and dirt.

Accordingly, the AidPack ensures that the user has the parts they need close to hand. Regardless of the time when being used, the parts can quickly be replaced during operation, even directly in the field, anytime and anywhere. This makes the operator’s job easier and increases the timeliness of the plant protection measure being applied. 

The AidPacks can be ordered directly along with a new AMAZONE crop protection sprayer, or can be purchased separately.