Mar 8, 2021,

Passed the test with flying colours: The Precea 4500-2CC Super PreTeC sowing unit has been certified as "DLG APPROVED"

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The Precea 4500-2CC Super proved itself in the DLG test centre and received the DLG-APPROVED test mark.

The DLG published two test reports for the Precea 4500-2CC Super precision air seeder and the PreTeC sowing unit in February 2021. The Precea series is the latest generation of high-speed precision air seeders from Amazone. The smallest model available is in a 3 m working width with four to six sowing units. The 6 m machine, in a choice of rigid or folding frame, and with up to twelve freely moveable sowing units, is new to the product family. The 4.5 m working width, Precea 4500-2CC Super 3-point linkage mounted precision air seeder with PreTeC sowing units has been tested both in the field and in the laboratory with respect to the quality of work, including lateral fertiliser distribution when sowing maize. The Precea and the PreTeC sowing unit satisfied all the test criteria specified in the DLG testing framework and were awarded the "DLG-APPROVED" certificate.

Very good results in the field trials

Precea 4500-2CC Super: The DLG test panel rated the field emergence as "very good" across the board.

The field trial results achieved by the PreTeC sowing coulter and the complete Precea 4500-2CC Super were impressive. The "DLG-APPROVED" test mark confirms the field emergence as "very good" in all nine different trials. Depending on the variety of maize, the DLG test panel rated the seed placement as "very good" in eight applications and "good" in one other, even at high working speeds. Three seed types and various amounts of fertiliser were precisely placed at different speeds via the PreTeC sowing coulter.

Convincing results also in the laboratory test

The placement accuracy and distribution of the maize seeds were determined in the test laboratory. Doubles and misses received the best result rating of "very low” in all nine trials. The fertiliser lateral distribution was also exclusively rated as "very good".

Features of the Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super

The Precea 4500-2CC Super as tested had six PreTeC singling units with individual seed hoppers of 55 l and was equipped with a 1,250 l mineral fertiliser hopper for under-root fertilisation. The fertiliser is placed in the ground via the FerTeC double disc fertiliser coulter.

PreTeC sowing unit with perfect seed placement

The DLG also confirmed perfect seed placement and uniform field emergence for the PreTeC sowing unit with the "DLG-APPROVED" test mark in a separate trial. The complete seed singling system works on an overpressure in the PreTeC unit. The seed is pressed against the singling disc by air pressure. Three stripper fingers ensure precise singling within the perforated disc. The electrically-driven singling disc rotates depending on forward speed and transports the seed to the propulsion channel. The hole in the disc is covered by a roller at this point, meaning that the contact pressure of the seed is interrupted. As a result, the seeds leave the singling disc and are shot precisely into the seed furrow. At the same time, the seeds pass through the optosensor, which monitors the seed singling and reports this to the ISOBUS software. The seed is ‘caught’ by the catcher roller at the end of the propulsion channel and is embedded into the seed furrow. , The seedbed is initially opened up by the two disc openers and then shaped and reconsolidated by the furrow former located at the end of the propulsion channel.

The DLG has been testing and certifying agricultural machinery and equipment for over 130 years. The DLG test centre is one of the leading international testing and certification organisations and carries out tests in the areas of motor vehicles, indoor and outdoor businesses as well as the food, forestry, groundcare and garden industries. 

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