Apr 27, 2023

New AMAZONE Tyrok 400 Onland semi-mounted reversible plough

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AMAZONE is now offering the Tyrok 400 semi-mounted reversible plough for on land ploughing. The Tyrok Onland provides a high level of flexibility as a result of the quick and easy change between either on land or in-furrow operation. The new models are offered with a choice of 7, 8 or 9 furrows for tractors of up to 400 hp.

Easy change between on land and in-furrow 
The tractor size and the size of the tyres determine, amongst other things, its operation in the furrow or on and beside the furrow. Specifically, its use with tracks, dual wheels or extra wide tyres larger than 710 mm does not permit driving in the furrow without compaction damage on soil which has already been partly ploughed.

A major advantage of on land ploughing is the reduced soil pressure as a result of the large contact area of the wide tractor tyres and the possibility of being able to work with a lower tyre pressure. This means that considerably less compaction damage is caused and the formation of any plough pan is prevented. Furthermore, on land operation provides an improved pull line as a result of the reduced lateral pull and more efficient power transmission. GPS guidance systems can also be used for maximum working comfort and precise match-up to the next furrow. Constant depth control is provided via the front guide wheel, which runs permanently on the unworked soil.

Other factors, such as the soil conditions, have a critical impact on the method of ploughing. A quicker and easier change between on land and in-furrow operation is therefore extremely important. If the soil surface in the field does not allow for optimum traction as a result of rain or wet conditions, quick conversion to in-furrow operation is possible at any time. A throw of the hydraulic lever on the turnover arm is all that is required for this.

Pure robustness without compromise 
The Tyrok Onland has a substantial, high-tensile steel rectangular beam with dimensions of 200x150x10 mm. This gives the Tyrok Onland an extremely high level of rigidity. A decisive advantage over a square beam is that the beam does not bend, even under hard ground conditions. This ensures a uniform working depth over the entire length and working width, which is crucial, especially at the larger working widths. 

The Tyrok Onland also scores points with the SmartTurn system. On the headland, the fast turning procedure is hydraulically slowed down two-fold just before the end. This results in a damping effect which reduces stress on the plough structure when the cylinder is retracted. There is no need to compromise on speed as in the Onland variant, the "beam" is automatically retracted before the turnover process via the Onland cylinder, so that the turnover centre of gravity is as low as possible and so the forces acting on the tractor and plough are kept to a minimum. 

Plough bodies meticulously thought-through – SpeedBlade for less wear
The SpeedBlade plough body, with its patented extra-large front shin on the mouldboard, makes for minimal wear on the shin. The main wear point automatically shifts further and further back towards the centre of the plough body by increasing the working speed from say 6 km/h up to 8 km/h. As a result, the main wear point is kept on this enlarged front shin of the mouldboard and away from the main mouldboard, even at high forward speeds; various slatted and solid mouldboard profiles are available depending on the application and objective.

Another detail with great effect: the point covers the blade, meaning that the joint is protected by the point. Thanks to this clever join up, no plant residues or baler twine can get entangled.

AMAZONE sets the highest standards in the manufacture of plough wearing parts with its unique ©plus hardening process. The additional introduction of carbon makes Tyrok wearing parts far harder and more durable.

Safe, comfortable and precise adjustment for a perfect working profile 
The Tyrok Onland is equipped with mechanical furrow width adjustment as standard. As an option, the working width can be infinitely adjusted hydraulically from the comfort of the tractor cab to suit the conditions. The front furrow adjustment can also be provided mechanically or hydraulically. An advantage here is the direct linkage of the front furrow cylinder at the front of the plough for precise matching to the last furrow.

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