Jul 15, 2021

New AMAZONE KE 3002-240 rotary harrow with Rotamix system

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Amazone offers a new rotary harrow for higher tractor horsepowers of up to 240 HP. The newly-developed KE 3002-240, in 3 m working width and featuring the innovative Rotamix system, comes into its own when intensive soil crumbling, especially on heavy ground.

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The Rotamix system – short and compact build - and with two extra tine carriers

The KE 3002-240 with its Rotamix system has twelve tine carriers. The input load is distributed across all of these rotors. The trailing tines produce a very good crumb structure meaning that the new rotary harrow achieves excellent results on heavy ground and is suitable for creating the optimum seedbed, especially after ploughing.

The twelve tine carriers allow a smaller spur gear diameter. This design meant that a very compact and light design of the robust rotary harrow trough was possible. This compact design of the rotary harrow reduces the lift capacity on the tractor, and any harrow-mounted seed drill is positioned very close to the tractor when used in a sowing combination. The lifting power requirement is therefore lower than that of other rotary harrows, which also makes a positive impact on front ballasting.

The Long-Life-Drive system ensures a long service life and maximum smooth running. The double sealing system with a cassette sealing ring and labyrinth seal protects against dust, moisture and dirt.

The proven Quick & Safe system provides the 290 mm tines with an integrated stone release plus the tines can be easily exchanged without tools.

A higher class of performance with the DirectDrive gearbox

At the heart of the new KE 3002-240 Rotamix is the DirectDrive gearbox, via which the higher power flow is transmitted directly to the spur gears of the tine carriers. As in the case of the KX and KG rotary cultivators, there is no power redirection thus ensuring excellent low-wear power transmission. The rotary harrow can be used at PTO input shaft speeds of 540/750/1000. Exchange gear sets allow the rotor speed to be adapted to different soil conditions and the tractor PTO shaft speed.

QuickLink quick coupling system

The entire Amazone active soil tillage range is available with the QuickLink quick coupling system for maximum flexibility. The new KE 02 can also be mounted under different seed drills via the QuickLink system with very little effort. The KE 02 forms a compact team with the Cataya harrow-mounted conventional seed drill and the Avant 02 pneumatic front tank system. Thanks to the reinforced headstock, the Centaya Super pneumatic seed drill can now also be used with this new rotary harrow. The new Precea-A harrow-mounted precision air seeder can also be connected without tools and, it goes without saying, that a combination with the D9 mounted conventional seed drill via the “Liftpack” system is also possible.

Setting and tools

The optional hydraulic depth control is a new feature of the KE 02. This allows the rotary harrow to be easily tailored to the field and operating conditions from the tractor cab while on the move. A scale ensures constant monitoring of the working depth.

Extendable lower links allow the KE 02 to be individually aligned for any tractor size. This also facilitates attachment of tractor wheel mark eradicators. Furthermore, the lower links can be adjusted to the standard dimensions of CAT 3 or CAT 3N.

The depth of the levelling board for levelling the soil is precisely guided by the roller. The levelling board also deflects upwards thanks to the integrated overload protection. A setting tool is offered for precise adjustment, which can also be used universally for other adjustments on the machine, e.g. for adjusting the height of the side plates or for setting the track markers.

Versatile roller range

Numerous roller types with different diameters for targeted reconsolidation are available for a wide range of site-specific requirements. The extensive range extends from the light cage roller to the wedge ring roller, which is also available with a matrix tire profile, the trapezium roller and the tooth packer roller for medium to heavy soils.

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