Sep 6, 2021

Maximum output, maximum precision on one axle

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The new dimension: Amazone UX Super trailed sprayer with an actual volume of up to 9,000 l and 42 m working width.

Amazone has extended its UX trailed sprayer range with the UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super high-performance models with an actual volume of 8,000 l and 9,000 l respectively. The systematic development of the compact Amazone machine design means that the new models combine a tank capacity of up to 9,000 l and boom working widths of up to 42 m yet with the excellent manoeuvrability and high stability of a single-axle sprayer. With a completely new chassis design, the new models close the gap between the previously largest single-axle Amazone sprayer with 6,200 l and the tandem axle sprayer with 11,200 l. Equipped with all the innovative future-proof Amazone crop protection technology, they stand for the highest precision, performance and economy in operation.

Maximum volume in its most compact and most manoeuvrable form. 
The newly developed chassis of the UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super directly links the axle to the standard lower hitch drawbar. The forward-sloping chassis design maintains an ideal weight distribution of the sprayer. The permissible drawbar and axle loads are therefore optimally utilised. The centre of gravity is particularly low in the new chassis concept. This ensures high stability, even on hilly terrain and when negotiating bends. The chassis also has a good ground clearance. Tall and easily-damaged crops are protected by the optional underbelly cover. An additional advantage: the new UX Super has a comparatively low weight and a high payload thanks to the one-piece chassi and drawbar.

The narrow profile of the spray agent tank, with the fresh water tanks mounted on either side of the chassis, contributes to its safe handling, especially when the tank is partially filled. Another major advantage of the tank shape, which is made of polyethylene, is the extremely rounded design and the exceptionally smooth inner and outer walls, which make overall cleaning very easy. The clever geometry means that there is no need at all for any annoying nooks and crannies, which are more difficult to clean.

4-fold damped Super-L3 boom now with up to 42 m working width 
Designed for high outputs, the Super-L3 boom in 39, 40 or 42 m working widths is available for the two new UXs. Important: with pivot points at 12, 24 and 33 m and the optionally available reduction joints on the boom outer sections, this Super L3 boom offers maximum flexibility for use at reduced working widths. One-sided independent folding up to the inner boom section for negotiating obstacles is also a major advantage.

The profile design creates an extremely stable yet lightweight boom with an hydraulically pre-tensioned break back joints at the boom ends, these end sections are made entirely of aluminium thus providing an extremely steady boom ride. In addition, the new Super-L3 boom variants, in working widths of 39 to 42 m, are equipped with the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system as standard.

The special feature: thanks to its multi-section folding system, the boom is compact when it is in the transport position and does not protrude forwards beyond the sprayer. The folded Super-L boom is securely located in a specially developed, spring-suspended boom support. There is therefore no risk of damage occurring during transport with Amazone.

The two new UX models 7601 and 8601 are also available in all the other boom width options of the Super-L2 and Super-L3 boom.

High-capacity pumps without compromise 
The excellent agitation intensity for the large tank capacities is provided by two high-capacity piston diaphragm pumps with an output of 250 l/min (spray pump) and 350 l/min (agitation pump) . These highly reliable piston diaphragm pumps enables consistently high delivery capacities, regardless of the spray pressure. Consistently high agitation outputs and application rates are always available, even at high system pressures. In addition, the piston diaphragm pumps are self-priming, which means that the complete spray agent circuit is set up very simply and with short hose routing. This also provides a solid foundation for the fast and thorough cleaning. The newly developed pump generation also has larger piston diameters, meaning that the diaphragms are subjected to less mechanical stress. This ensures extremely long service lives with minimum maintenance requirements.

The spray and agitation pumps can be driven either by a PTO shaft or hydraulically. A very useful detail: the hydraulic pump drive, which is fully integrated in the ISOBUS control, regulates the required pump speed fully automatically depending on the operating status.

Maximum operating comfort in the SmartCenter 
In addition to the enormous work rates, the two new UX Super models also focus on reducing the driver's workload. The Smart Center settings centre and complete operator station are securely protected under the access cover to the left-hand side of the sprayer. The high-capacity 60 litre induction bowl is also located here. The Smart Centre offers the ideal solution for every customer requirement: Apart from the completely manually-operated Standard-Pack, the intuitive and simple Comfort-Pack is available with the Twin Terminal 3.0. This includes automatic fill stop for suction and bowser filling, auto-dynamic fill level dependent agitator regulation and remote-controlled cleaning programmes. Comfort-Pack plus offers maximum convenience with the pressure-sensitive touch terminal for machine operation with fully automated filling and cleaning processes.

Maximum performance with High Flow
The UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super can be equipped with the optional HighFlow+ system, in order to guarantee effective operation with an adequate application rate when using these very large working widths combined with high forward speeds. The intelligent control technology enables both pumps to be used for spraying while still maintaining a high agitation capacity for a homogeneous spray tank mix. All components of the HighFlow+ system are completely integrated in the cleaning cycle.