Jul 8, 2021

C-Mix Ultra tine system - New hydraulic overload protection

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Higher operational performance with the new C-Mix Ultra tine system for Cenius trailed cultivators and the Ceus disc & tine combination cultivators

Amazone has extended the build options on its Cenius-2TX trailed cultivator models, in working widths of 4 to 8 m, and the Ceus-2TX trailed disc & tine combination cultivators, which are available in working widths from 4 to 7 m, with the addition of the new C-Mix Ultra tine. The new tine system is equipped with an automatic overload protection that utilises hydraulic cylinders and so offers a high reliability and durability, especially in extreme operating conditions.

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The strengths of the C-Mix Ultra tine becomes apparent in challenging soil conditions where the tine protection system is being regularly overloaded. This new hydraulic variant enables the trigger force to be adapted to the conditions and is infinitely-adjustable up to 800 kg. This provides a high level of operational reliability, because the machine optimally maintains the desired working depth of up to 30 cm even under the toughest of conditions thanks to the high trip clearance of the individual tines. In addition, the Ultra overload protection system protects the cultivator in a unique way: The system, consisting of the hydraulic cylinders installed on the tines and the centralised nitrogen accumulators, provides highly damped resetting of the C-Mix Ultra tine after triggering. This also has a very beneficial effect on the wear and tear of the overload protection system, even in the case of frequent triggering.

The number of nitrogen accumulators is adjusted to the respective number of tines so that there is only a small pressure difference when several overload protection devices are triggered simultaneously.

Stepless adjustment of the system is easily and conveniently carried out from the front on the drawbar. The pressure gauge is also located there and can be easily viewed from the tractor cab for convenient monitoring.

The new C-Mix Ultra tine can be combined with the complete C-Mix share system. The extensive range offers the right share for every application. Some of the shares are available as highly wear-resistant HD variants.

The C-Mix Clip quick-change system, which enables the points to be exchanged easily and conveniently, is also offered. The point is separated from the guide plate in next to no time. This ensures short set-up times and, above all, a reduction in the wear costs.

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