May 21, 2021

Amazone UX SmartSprayer - Spot Farming at the highest level now in field use

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Substantial savings are possible with the Amazone UX SmartSprayer trailed sprayer.

Amazone will start field usage of the UX 5201 SmartSprayer trailed sprayer with its 36 metre boom width during the spring season 2021. The pinpoint application of foliar herbicides will be carried out "green in green" in real time during the day-to-day spraying activities of a large arable farm. The camera technology from Bosch detects weeds in row crops and the xarvio™ Agronomic Decision-making Engine (ADE) from BASF Digital Farming Solutions decides on the application. Full-area application of ground applied herbicides from an additional tank is also possible on the same pass with a twin line system. Field trials to date show that the use of this technology reduces herbicide use by up to 90 percent in individual measures, depending on the weed pressure and field conditions. Extensive field trials this year in sugar beet, maize and rape will further qualify the benefits of this technology . 

The newly developed high-tech sprayer boom has the camera and lighting modules integrated in such a way that they are ready for field use and ensures precise spot application via the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system, which is unique on the market. The combination of individually switched pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM) valves and specially coordinated Agrotop Spot Fan nozzles with a 25 cm nozzle spacing ensures precise spot application and maximum saving potential at working speeds of up to 12 km/h. 

Bosch's image recognition system detects any weeds in milliseconds at a very early growth stage, in order to apply herbicides to the target surface with high precision and efficiency. The specially developed LED lighting technology provides support in difficult ambient conditions such as with shadows and, of course, at night. Another advantage of the integrated SmartSprayer solution is its superiority over satellites and drones, as plants are detected in the millimetre range, making real-time applications possible.

The best field-specific setting and the recommended herbicide mixture for the SmartSprayer system and when they should be used are based on the advanced xarvio™ Agronomic Decision-making Engine (ADE) from BASF Digital Farming. Various parameters such as cropping, weed spectrum and weather conditions, are automatically taken from xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER, processed to create a decision and transferred to the SmartSpraying system in line with good agricultural practice of integrated plant protection. This ensures that the herbicide application is carried out at the right place, the right time and at the right intensity.

Together with Bosch and BASF Digital Farming, Amazone has carried out a wide range of research activities and implemented them in a marketable product with its interdisciplinary know-how. The gradual market introduction of this pioneering SmartSprayer technology, which is unique worldwide in its technical possibilities and system approach, will take place in the coming years.

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