AMAZONE involved with the start-up company, AgXeed

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The AMAZONE Group strengthens its development cooperation with the Dutch company start-up AgXeed B.V. by taking a financial stake in the company. And, alongside other investors, another agricultural machinery partner, CLAAS is also involved via the Seed Green Innovations GmbH. 

4-Wheel AgXeed AgBot and AMAZONE KE 3001 Super rotary harrow with GreenDrill harrow-mounted catch crop seeder box

4-wheel AgXeed AgBot with SCHMOTZER Select hoeing machine

The intensification of the successful collaboration makes AMAZONE a strategic partner of the start-up company AgXeed. The aim of the partnership is the on-going development of AMAZONE attachments with regard to their autonomous use in the field. An important basis for the cooperation is the commitment to open interfaces in order to ensure comprehensive compatibility and connectivity of equipment and tractor unit, and to achieve maximum benefit for both sides. The customer and their application lies at the core. We intend that they should find the best solution in the market with the partnership of AgXeed, CLAAS and AMAZONE.

The autonomous platforms from AgXeed are an ideal match with the AMAZONE range. The combination of minimum ground pressure, ideal weight distribution, and flexible mounting places opens up new opportunities for the integrated design of intelligent solutions for agriculture.

The AgBot with its tracked crawler chassis has already been used very successfully in combination with the AMAZONE soil tillage and seeding machinery in the last few years. The new 4-wheel AgBot can also be used with the SCHMOTZER hoeing technology for mechanical weed control, alongside soil tillage and sowing. In addition, the universal FTender mounted front hopper for seed and fertiliser and the FT-P front tank for plant protection agents and liquid fertiliser can be combined with various different mounted AMAZONE machines, depending on the application. Various different sensor systems will continuously monitor and analyse the working process. Optimised processes and working quality are the focus when considering an autonomic rig. The challenges of safety technology can be mastered particularly well with the various different experience horizons of AgXeed, CLAAS and AMAZONE.

For the farmer, farm manager and operator, the use of autonomous cultivation systems means, in the end, more time for agronomic and strategic management decisions within the business.

AgXeed AgBot with tracked crawler chassis and AMAZONE Cenio 3000 Super mounted cultivator and front-mounted double knife roller

AgXeed AgBot tracked crawler chassis and AMAZONE Precea 3000-FCC precision air seeder with FTender 1600 front mounted hopper
The Dutch start-up, AgXeed offers an intelligent, sustainable and fully autonomous carrier system with scalable hardware, virtual planning tools, and comprehensive data modules, and is therefore these days one of the leading companies in this field in Europe. After the tracked crawler version with a power output of 115 kW, launched in 2020, the three-wheel AgBot for fruit and vineyard application followed in 2021, recently followed by the four-wheel AgBot each having a power of 55 kW. All the vehicles are powered by diesel-electric units. Together with AMAZONE and the other partners, AgXeed intends to continue to accelerate the development of efficient and holistic agricultural system solutions in the coming years.