Feb 18, 2021, Hasbergen-Gaste

Amazone extends product range with Tigges packers

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Amazonen-Werke started a working relationship with Gebr. Tigges GmbH & Co. KG in Oelde, Germany, in December 2020. For generations, Tigges has been known in the agricultural machinery sector as professional manufacturers of packers and rollers and will perfectly complement the Amazone product range in this segment. Amazone sales partners and customers will therefore be able to draw on the long-standing know-how of specialists in targeted, site-specific reconsolidation after either inversion or deep-loosening soil tillage. 

The extensive range of Tigges deep-consolidating packers for use with the plough is now available through Amazone. The product range includes both single ring packers, optionally as turn-over packers with an additional breaker ring roller for improved crumbling, as well as double ring packers. In particular, various ring profiles and shoulder widths are available in addition to the two cast ring diameters of 900 mm and 700 mm. Large diameters with a wide profile really come into their own on light soils, whereas, on heavy ground, smaller rings with a narrow blade are more suitable for deep reconsolidation and are ideal for breaking up coarse clods.  

Good reconsolidation of the soil is essential to reduce soil moisture loss and produce a perfectly prepared seedbed, especially when using the plough in the spring. In this respect, the packers can be used with any width of mounted plough from 3 furrows to 6 furrows as required. The product range for large, semi-mounted ploughs extends to working widths of 465 cm, and here, packers with a transport width of more than 3 m, can be supplied with a hydraulically-actuated end-on transport system as an option. 

Furthermore, a front packer with passive trailing steering is available for use in combination with Amazone seed drills. The deep-consolidating packer on the front linkage produces optimum reconsolidation and preparation for the subsequent drilling in single-pass ploughing and sowing operations as well as mulch sowing. 

All Tigges packers are available in the distinctive Amazone design, thereby forming an unbeatable unit with the respective ploughs and seed drills, both technically and aesthetically.