Precea 6000-2CC with DLG-approved PreTeC sowing unit

AMAZONE is extending the Precea precision air seeder family with a new 6 m working width machine. In future, the rigid Precea 6000 and the folding Precea 6000-2 will be available. Both models can be supplied either without a fertiliser hopper or with a rear fertiliser tank. The Precea 6000-2FCC offers increased fertilisation efficiency by utilising the FTender front tank. The 8 to 9 singling units are arranged on a special carrying frame where the units can be freely moved on a profile rail. This allows the user to change the spacing for up to 12 rows depending on the level of equipment and the type of seed being sown. In this respect, an optical sensor closely monitors the singling process and reports any misses or doubles to the tractor terminal. The stripper system can then be easily adjusted.

Precea 6000-2CC

In combination with the electric drive, the Precea is capable of singling at speeds of up to 15 km/h. The newly developed PreTeC mulch seeding coulter can be mechanically loaded with a coulter pressure of up to 220 kg. The complete coulter unit is easily accessible and the maintenance-free bearings and bushings are optimally protected from dust. The DLG published two test reports for the 6-row Precea 4500-2CC Super and the PreTeC sowing unit In February 2021. The Precea and the PreTeC sowing unit impressed across the board in both the field test and the laboratory test and were awarded the "DLG-APPROVED" certificate.