Patented plough goes to southern Germany

The last AMAZONE Cayron plough 

AMAZONE built its first plough in 1894 under the product name HDG. After almost 120 years, a new plough, the Cayron, was added to the production range in 2013. A team of experts developed a modern plough which was able to establish itself among the many
ploughs on the market. AMAZONEN-WERKE gave it the name "Cayron". 

From left to right: Michael Breuning, sales adviser of Claas Main-Donau, Liane Kuhstrebe, Gerd Kuhstrebe, Gerhard Schmidt, sales manager of Claas Main-Donau.

It had several innovations which we patented and which provided considerable advantages for the user. This development was interrupted when we had the opportunity to take over the Vogel & Noot plough factory in Mosonmagyaróvár in Hungary. From then on, we continued to develop and modernise Vogel & Noot ploughs, using some of the patents from the Cayron.

The last plough from the Cayron series manufactured in Leipzig has now been sold. This sale was completed by Claas Main-Donau GmbH & Co. KG in Gollhofen, one of our most loyal and most important dealers in southern Germany. The new owner of the last Cayron is Mr Gerd Kuhstrebe, who already owns an AMAZONE plough and runs a contracting business in addition to his own farm. He and his customers will certainly be very pleased with this versatile implement.