Pantera 7004 wins prestigious design awards

Outstandingly beautiful

Pantera 7004 wins prestigious design awards 

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Product design has become increasingly important in recent years. It can create great added value for the product and the brand, especially if its operation is simple and intuitive as well and it stands out from the products of market competitors.

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With a capacity of 7,000 litres, our self-propelled Pantera 7004 is the new flagship of the AMAZONE brand. The enormous working width and large tank capacity enable farmers to protect their plants from diseases and pests in a more efficient and more environmentally friendly way. With a new chassis, the Pantera moves agilely and nimbly over any surface, just like its namesake. The design has been consistently revised and every detail follows a clear design concept that visually encapsulates efficiency, comfort and trust in the AMAZONE brand.

Convinced of its impressive design, we entered the Pantera 7004 into two independent design awards this year to have the design quality of the overall machine and its user interfaces assessed by neutral experts. To our great delight, the machine impressed both juries of international design industry experts. Our self-propelled machine won the "IF Design Award 2023" and "Red Dot 2023" awards, which enjoy high recognition worldwide and are becoming increasingly valuable for product advertising.

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The "Red Dot Design Award" ceremony took place at a gala in Essen in June. Due to its impressive size, our self-propelled machine was given pride of place directly in front of the Award Museum at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex. A total of 1,200 guests from over 40 countries were able to examine the Pantera close up during the celebrations. It provided an impressive sight throughout the evening and received a lot of positive feedback from both the organisers and the expert audience.