Once upon a time

The Intrac 6.60 tractor from Deutz (KHD)


The brothers Alois and Ludwig Limbrunner run a successful farm in Upper Bavaria. The two brothers have a great passion for historical agricultural machinery and have spent countless hours completely restoring the “Deutz Intrac 6.6o“ tool carrier, which was presented for the first time at the DLG Exhibition in 1985, with the result that it is once again fully operational out in the fields.

The Intrac 6.60 is completely equipped with AMAZONE kit, i.e. an AMAZONE reciprocating harrow and packer roller in the front hydraulics, an AMAZONE TT transport box on the loading area for filling the seed drill with seed, as well as an AMAZONE KG rotary cultivator sowing combination with packer roller and an AMAZONE D8 seed drill with a following harrow in the rear hydraulics. This is tillage “to perfection” – seedbed preparation and sowing of the grain and harrowing - all in one pass!

Production of the Intrac was discontinued in1990 as part of Deutz’s cooperation with Daimler Benz, more's the pity!