Nienhuis-Roebroek farm in Groningen with one of the first UX models with a 45 m boom from Bramsche

Strong partnership in the Netherlands

alle welt - niederlande
From left: Klaas Nienhuis, Niels Kruizenga

Nienhuis-Roebroek is an AMAZONE Premium customer with approx. 155 hectares in Groningen (Netherlands). The two operations managers Annemarie Nienhuis-Roebroek and Klaas Nienhuis and their employees grow, amongst other things, sugar beet, seed onions and winter carrots, but the focus is primarily on cereal farming (64 hectares) and potato farming (50 hectares) as seed producers.

In February, Klaas Nienhuis visited our factory in Bramsche together with Niels Kruizenga, a salesman from our Dutch dealer Van der Maar. After a detailed consultation and a tour of the company, Nienhuis made the decision to purchase the new AMAZONE UX 5201 Super crop protection sprayer with a 45 metre boom for his farm. Before visiting Bramsche, Nienhuis had discussions with other UX users and was enthusiastic about the technology right from the start. Ultimately, it was the ContourControl boom guidance, the SwingStop active vibration dampening and the overall operating comfort that won him over. Nienhuis-Roebroek is now the proud owner of one of the first UX with 45m booms that came off the production line at our factory in Bramsche.