New production technology in Hude

The new 500 t profile press

In addition to being known for a whole host of innovations, Amazone is famous for its machinery's outstanding quality and durability. But Amazone technology also has to remain affordable for our customers. And that’s precisely why our technology has to be further developed, while the efficiency of production in our plants is being enhanced at the same time. Against this backdrop, we have invested heavily in new production technology at our Hude site in recent years. Why? Because we still rely on an exceptionally high level of in-house production to guarantee our quality, cut our transport costs and promote highly qualified jobs at the location.

New robot welding system

Firstly, we have invested in fully automated welding technology in Hude, which makes producing our tooth packer rollers a great deal easier. Production was transferred from our plant in Forbach (France) to Hude and concentrated there. But our new welding robots are particular highlights in Hude. One of them can now even perform synchronised welding with two arms simultaneously. Another new addition is a huge double-armed robot welding system that runs on rails and can even completely weld large seed drill frames together in one clamping operation. The last system is currently being put into operation.

New robot welding system, still under construction

Secondly, we have purchased new automatic lathes with automatic feeding in Hude to manufacture a variety of very demanding components. To bend sheet metal measuring up to 6 m long, Amazone has invested in a new 500 t profile press, which is used to produce the troughs for the rotary cultivators, for example.

As you can see, Amazone is making great strides in production technology too.