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Top marks from the DLG - Precea precision air seeder in a new dimension 

The new Precea precision air seeders impress our customers with their high precision, intuitive operation and high output. The extremely high level of commitment of all AMAZONE employees and our sales partners has made a decisive contribution to this. The new Precea 6000-2AFCC has enabled AMAZONE to extend its unique offering on the market with the perfect combination of the KG rotary cultivator and Precea precision air seeder.  


Firstly, the well-known robust rotary cultivator in 6 m working width works the area to be seeded very evenly via the “on-grip” tines that create the ideal growing conditions. The compactly designed Precea then places the seed very precisely via an over-pressure singling system with the PreTeC coulter. The percentage emergence was exclusively rated as "very good" by the DLG. Supplemented by the new FTender mounted front hopper, an extremely efficient machine with a working width of up to 8 rows is therefore available. The amalgamation of several work steps into a single pass makes this Precea combination an extremely economically attractive machine for large-scale farms and contractors as a result of a considerable increase in efficiency. 

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Another top advantage: a new change-over system allows the fast conversion of this combination from the Precea precision air seeder to the Avant seed rail with RoTeC or TwinTeC coulters. A highly flexible and extremely manoeuvrable cereal drill combination is generated when the FTender is coupled again. This model, and its technological advantages, enable us to complete our range and position ourselves very successfully in new markets.