Liquid manure technology of tomorrow: Catros+

Catros+ 8003-2TX put to successful use in demanding slurry applications

What is the best way of incorporating liquid manure in stony and hilly terrain? Can this fertiliser be carefully added to the soil in doses without the volatile nitrogen escaping into the environment and spreading unpleasant odours? And without overfertilising the soil and polluting the groundwater?

The answer to these questions is ‘Yes’. Amazone’s Catros+ compact disc harrow is the perfect product for that very application. Lohmann Betriebs GmbH, based in Pockau-Lengefeld in Saxony’s Ore Mountains, is a prime example of this. Last year, Lohmann bought a new Catros+ 8003-2TX with a working width of 8 m and pull it behind a self-propelled ‘Terra Variant 585’ slurry tanker from Holmer. Amazone has equipped the Catros+ with reinforced discs, disc bearings and cage rollers for optimum use. The three segments of the 8 m-wide harrow run in a ‘floating position’. In other words, they automatically adapt to the unevenness of the ground in the hilly terrain of the Ore Mountains. The desired working depth of between 5 and 15 cm is set.


Since making this purchase, Lohmann has already cultivated more than 3,000 ha with the Catros – which spreads 10 to 15 m3 of liquid manure per hectare according to regulations and, despite the difficult conditions, has kept up without any complaints. This is what the liquid manure technology of tomorrow looks like! So nobody will have to do without that affordable and abundant fertiliser, liquid manure.