Landscaping relies on Profihoppers

920 operating hours demonstrate the reliability

From left: Matthias Steinmeyer (S+W Machine Operator) Andreas Petermöller (AMAZONE Factory Representative), Wilfried Schumacher (S+W Managing Director)
The company Schumacher & Wellbrock Garten und Landschaftsbau GmbH & Co. KG from Oyten near Bremen continues to focus on quality and performance in the machinery sector. After positive experiences with our Profihopper models and the successful introduction of the Profihopper 1500, the company decided to purchase another self-propelled mower/collector due to its versatility and high performance, especially for leaf removal in autumn. The previous PH 1500 had already put on over 920 operating hours by the end of 2023. To protect the driver from the elements, the new machine has been equipped with a spacious cab, air conditioning, reversing camera and good all-round visibility to ensure comfort and safety. The company Schröder Landmaschinen in Wildeshausen supports Schumacher & Wellbrock with technical help, where Mr Fred Thole in the back office and Mr Rolf Desens and Daniel Wichmann in field service, ensure smooth overall organisation.